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Alan Guño: News

EXILE - the story of BIlly - August 24, 2013

Soon, Alan will release his second country album: THE LEGEND OF LITTLE BRO BILLY!

Telling the story of young Billy Brennan, the album chronicles the adventures of gay teenager Billy, a high school student in the south. In Alan's trademark song-cycle style, the album shows us Billy's life as the youngest of three brothers. He has all the issues of typical teens - but also confronts bigotry and discrimination as an openly gay teen.

But before the release of THE LEGEND OF LITTLE BRO BILLY, we are proud to announce the upcoming release of EXILE, Alan's new pop album. This album tells Billy's story as he runs away from home - and lives life as a homeless teen.

As we await Alan's new country album, celebrate with us as we countdown to the release of EXILE on August 27!

Join us on Facebook at:

Purchase UNCONDITIONAL today! - June 26, 2012

Looking to purchase UNCONDITIONAL?

I-TUNES is now offering the songs of UNCONDITIONAL for all those who prefer to download to their Apple devices!

And we’re happy to tell you that CD BABY is again the first distributor of Alan’s new album in physical and mp3 form! There, you will find UNCONDITIONAL as well as all of Alan’s other albums! Go to:
Alan’s new album is also available on AMAZON and other music sites!

UNCONDITIONAL is here! - A special note from Alan - June 26, 2012

UNCONDITIONAL is here! A special note from Alan...

"Hello everyone!

Thanks to all the fans for joining this special day as we release my new album!

This is truly a special event for me. As many of you know by now, this is my first album of sacred music, but also the first of my albums to specifically address LGBT themes. Therefore, I am very proud to send this music out into the world – and hope that its message of love – UNCONDITIONAL love – is heard and remembered in the continuing march toward equality for all people.

We will continue celebrating throughout the week! Join us on the new Facebook Fan Page – where we will be introducing some of the new songs from this album over the next few days. I am excited for you to hear them – so please let me know what you think!

Please join the celebration and “LIKE” the following Facebook page:
Thank you for joining me on this special day. It is truly an honor for me to be able to share this music with you. You have my sincerest gratitude for your friendship and support over the years!

And now, on with the show!! Enjoy this new album: UNCONDITIONAL!


UNCONDITIONAL cover art revealed! - June 19, 2012

Today, we revealed the cover art of Alan's new album UNCONDITIONAL! It is here on the website in the Photo Gallery.

Only one week before the release of Alan's new album on June 26!


COUNTDOWN TO "UNCONDITIONAL" on Facebook! - June 11, 2012

Join Alan's Facebook fans as we feature an exclusive countdown of some of Alan's best music!

Over the next two weeks, we will be highlighting 20 of Alan's biggest songs - with Alan sharing some insight into each of them!

The countdown has already begun - so go to the following Facebook page and "LIKE" to join the fun!


UNCONDITIONAL - Release date confirmed! - June 9, 2012

The release date for Alan's new album "Unconditional" is now confirmed for June 26!

Stay tuned here for more info on getting the new music.

OR head over to Alan's new Facebook fan page to enjoy the COUNTDOWN TO "UNCONDITIONAL", a review of previously-released songs by Alan, all leading up to the new album's release!

Click LIKE at:

New FACEBOOK FAN PAGE - Please "LIKE"! - June 3, 2012

Alan's new official Facebook page is now live!

As you wait for the July release of his new album "UNCONDITIONAL", join the Facebook fan community for some special events - like a countdown of great music from Alan's last 5 albums - on the way to the release of the new album!

PLEASE go to the following link and "LIKE" the page to join the family!
And then stay tuned for the release of "UNCONDITIONAL" in June!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! - December 15, 2011

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season!

I am so looking forward to sharing with you the long-awaited sacred album UNCONDITIONAL - which will be on its way soon!

In the meantime, we will be hard at work finishing the second country album: THE LEGEND OF LITTLE BRO BILLY.

It's been an exciting 2011 - and it looks to be even more amazing in 2012! Thanks to everyone for being there and for all your support!

Wishing you happiness, love, and equality-


Free Music for our Troops and their Families/Friends - December 7, 2009

NAPA FunLand Productions is proud to announce that a special download card is now available featuring the song “Prayer for My Brother”, Alan’s tribute to “those who serve – and the families and friends who wait for them to come home”.

We are proud to announce that, thanks to our friends at Operation Gratitude, download cards are being sent this holiday season to our troops overseas.

In addition, for a short time only, a limited amount of these special download cards will be available to the public.

To receive a card, please do the following:

1) Send an e-mail to:
2) In the subject line, please type “CARD REQUEST”
3) In the message, please type your NAME and MAILING ADDRESS.
4) Also, please let us know if the card is for a current/former servicemember or a relative/friend of someone serving. (One card per requestor, per address, please. Offer good for first 100 requests only.)

In addition to “Prayer for My Brother,” the cards also contain other songs from Alan’s country album, “The Sun Will Rise” – including “Redeemed,” “State of Texas,” “This Puppy’s Broke,” and the title track.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! - December 2, 2009

A holiday message from Alan:

"Happy Holidays to all! This season is a wonderful time to reflect on all of our blessings and all those wonderful people who make life worth living. Therefore, I want to send out a very special thank you to all the fans - for all your support and time, and for allowing me the privilege of sharing my music with you. Your support and encouragement continue to amaze me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making 2009 such a special year. Best wishes and love to all of you in 2010!"

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! - December 15, 2008

A holiday message from Alan:

"Dear friends,

As the year draws to a close, I went to send a very special thank you to all those who have been so supportive of me in 2008. Your kindness and your enthusiasm never cease to amaze me!

During this holiday season, we are already hard at work on the new album. And please stay tuned in 2009 for a free preview of some new music. I really hope you enjoy it!

May the holiday season bring you much joy with family and friends. My sincerest wish is for a happy and joyful 2009 for all of you!

Thank you for being there for me and continuing to listen to my music!


With love and gratitude,

To our friends in California, Florida, and Arizona - October 24, 2008

A personal note from Alan:

Dear Friends in California, Florida, Arizona-

Please join supporters nationwide as we rally support to give all Americans equality under the law. Don't deny other Americans the fundamental rights to live their lives in the way that makes them happy. Don't deny the right for all people to live as EQUAL UNDER THE LAW.

Please - if you are in the following states:

CALIFORNIA - Vote NO on Proposition 8

FLORIDA - Vote NO on Proposition 2

ARIZONA - Vote NO on Proposition 102

Please VOTE, please TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE, please declare - once and for all - that EQUALITY IS FOR ALL!

In friendship and gratitude,


Digital Rodeo - Contest - June 26, 2008

NAPA FunLand Productions is pleased to announce that Alan's music is now available on Digital Rodeo! Please check out this exclusive country music community - as well as Alan's page at:
Also, check out the CONTEST page to win a FREE CD copy of Alan's album, "The Sun Will Rise".

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ALAN! - December 8, 2007

Dear friends at,

I hope this message finds you happy and healthy and enjoying this special holiday season!

As 2007 comes to an end, it is a good time to reflect upon the many things for which I am grateful. And I want to thank you for the wonderfully warm and enthusiastic response you gave me for my first country album, 'The Sun Will Rise". This was truly a special adventure for me - and your appreciation of it means the world to me!

I am also grateful and happy to report that production has begun on the new country album. I am very excited about what the future holds - and look forward to releasing this album as soon as we can!

And finally, I am so grateful for all of the fans who have welcomed me over the past year. Your support and generosity have been a real blessing - and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being my friends in this special journey.

As the new year begins, I wish you an abundance of joy, health, peace, and happiness. May 2008 see all your dreams come true!

Happy Holidays!!!


Alan's Music featured in film: "Out of Step" - November 20, 2007

NAPA FunLand Productions is very proud to announce that Alan's song "Dirty Country" is being featured in the film, "Out of Step". From gifted writer and director, Eileen Connors, the movie is "a coming out story told from a straight perspective, a viewpoint that embraces both sides of the issue." You can find out more at: "I am so very proud to be associated with Eileen Connors' film," says Alan. "She is a brilliant writer and filmmaker, and I am thrilled that she chose 'Dirty Country' to be featured in her film. I am looking forward to this film being a wonderful success!"

September 11, 2007 - September 11, 2007

On this sixth anniversary of 9/11, Alan and NAPA FunLand Productions are pausing to reflect on these very significant events. A statement from Alan follows:

"On this anniversary, we may find ourselves reliving moments of grief or fear - and we may find that these thoughts are still difficult to deal with. However, we still join with our friends around the world who hope and pray for peace - and we send our support to all those who act in the name of peace and its rightful place on our planet... From a personal and musical standpoint, 9/11 had a profound impact on my musical career - literally propelling it forward - with the hope that no time would be wasted and that our friends would not have been lost in vain. With that in mind, we again dedicate three very special songs to those worldwide who have been affected by 9/11:

"EVOLUTION" - to those still struggling to rise from the despair and hurt
"UNITED" - to those who remember and actively pursue our goals of a united world
"PRAYER FOR MY BROTHER" - to those who serve, and the families and friends who wait for them to come home

In the spirit of this anniversary, we hope that this music can help - if only in a small way - to bring comfort and peace."

MySpace Site - August 15, 2007

Looking for Alan on MySpace?
Check him out at:

To our Friends in Virginia - April 18, 2007

Alan and the team at NAPA FunLand would like to express our sincerest condolences to those who have been affected by the tragedy at Virginia Tech University. Please know that our hearts and prayers are with you at this very dificult time - and that we are standing by you in your grief and your efforts to heal.

Digital Downloads - March 19, 2007

For those of you looking for Digital Downloads of Alan's new album, you can find "The Sun Will Rise" on I-Tunes - as well as your other favorite digital sites like Napster, Musicnet, and Rhapsody!

You can purchase your favorite songs from "The Sun Will Rise" on I-Tunes via this link:

THE SUN WILL RISE - released today! - December 12, 2006

NAPA FunLand Productions is proud to announce today's release of "The Sun Will Rise," the debut country album from Alan Guño.

"I want to thank all of those who worked so hard and who were so supportive in the making of this album," says Alan. "It was a real labor of love - and I thank all the fans out there who are welcoming this album - I hope you enjoy the music!"

"The Sun Will Rise" features 11 new songs from Alan - and feature his trademark optimism and stylings. A concept album, the CD highlights the stories of a young man who finds himself at a crossroads in life - and his return trip home to rediscover and renew his identity.

"The Sun Will Rise" can be purchased today at

"The Sun Will Rise" release date set - December 1, 2006

"The Sun Will Rise" will officially go on sale on Tuesday, December 12, 2006. Please check this website for purchase information.

The Debut Country Album - October 12, 2006

NAPA FunLand Productions is proud to announce that the debut album from country singer, ALAN GUÑO, will be available December 2006. Titled "The Sun Will Rise," this 11-song CD introduces you a rising young star. Please see for purchase information.

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