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Alan Guño: Blog

The release of "UNCONDITIONAL"

Posted on June 26, 2012
Alan Guño returns with his 6th release – and his first album of sacred-themed music!

“Unconditional” is a celebration of the sacred and hopeful. In its 13 songs, Alan has again shown his talent for writing inspiring pop music – and now infuses that style with the joy and beauty that characterize faith.

“Many fans have told me that they had felt that songs on my previous albums had religious or sacred themes,” explains Alan. “And while these songs were not necessarily written with those specific perspectives, I do believe that as a religious person, the imagery and lyrics reflect who I am personally. But now with ‘Unconditional,’ I have had the chance to create a whole album that actually writes from a sacred and faith-based perspective.”

That imagery is immediately apparent in the songs as well as the cover art for the album. “I think it was wonderfully symbolic to shoot the album photos near the ocean,” explains Alan. “Water is one of the most powerful and [...]
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The next album!

Posted on January 6, 2012
Hey friends! Just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR - and let you know that I am hard at work on the new country album!

Many of you have already seen that the album has a name: THE LEGEND OF LITTLE BRO BILLY

I will be finishing up recording the vocals in the next few months - and hope to have the album out this year!

Thanks for all your support in waiting for the follow up to THE SUN WILL RISE. Please keep in touch - I love hearing from you!

Wishing you all the best as 2012 gets underway!


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